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Sunflower seed #1 by Debbie.lee Miszaniec

The Sunflower Project is an ongoing initiative which symbolically affirms the multiplying power of positive action in the world through the gift of a sunflower seed painting.

To learn more, and sign up for your (free) gift of a sunflower seed painting, click HERE!

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  • To Taking It Global & Wish 150 for including the Sunflower Project in the Wish 150 Mosaic at Latitude 53 in Edmonton.
  • To Alberta Premier Rachel Notley & Art From the Unknown for including the Canada West paintings in the Calgary show.
  • To the Visual Art Studio Association of St. Albert for including the Fun Money paintings in Mystical Magical Fantasy.
  • To Alberta MLA Craig Coolahan & the Calgary-Klein Office for showing my western & portrait work.
  • To Dave & Kathy Foxcroft at Edge Gallery in Calgary for including the Canada West paintings in I AM CANADIAN.


    Happy New Year!

    I'm ringing in 2018 with a few changes!

    BLOG: I am changing up the purpose of the BLOG. I started the blog a year ago, but, as it turns out, regular blogging does not suit me. However, since I am often asked about the background information on my paintings, I think the blog could be a useful tool to give viewers that insight. So going forward I intend to use it primarily for that purpose.

    CLASSES: Discontinued as of January 1st 2018. Endings are sad, but they clear the way fornew begininngs. To that end: art classes, art parties and Artist on a Mission programs will no longer be offered. Thank-you to all of the marvelous people I have shared my love of art with! I hope you will all stay in touch.





    Check out the Western Art Gallery for the latest!


    Journey of A Lifetime
    Heritage Park Historical Village
    January 23- April 22nd 2018

    The Canada West Series will be presented in conjunction with the exhibition built around Canada's last existing colonist rail car.

    Dime Novels: Buffalo Bill - An Artist Talk
    Date and Time TBA
    Coming this fall to Heritage Park Historical Village and Museum. Check back regularly for details!

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